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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

SSF Campaign Against Endosulfan

Inaguration Prof: MA Rahman

Kasaragod: As part of its campaign against Endosulfan, the Sunni Students' Federation is taking out a march to the inspection bungalow of Plantation Corporation of Kerala Ltd. (PCK) at Periye on December 28.

The march is being taken out on the day of auction of cashew nuts for the upcoming season at the building, members of the federation here said.

The federation had been demanding a ban on further studies on the ill-effects of Endosulfan and speedy rehabilitation of the victims of the pesticide sprayed on the cashew estates.

It had asked the State government to take the entire responsibility of the rehabilitation.

The federation at a meeting here said the income generated by the corporation should be used for the medical treatment of the victims.


SSF Road March Against Endosulfan

SSF Colash Against Endosulfan

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