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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Ma'din Ramzan Sermon photos

NM Sadiq Saqafi

P K M Saqafi Iringalloor

K. T Jaleel MLA

T.K .Hamza

Ubaidullah MLA

Grand Finishing for Ma'din Ramzan Sermon
Swalath Nagar: Ma’din Ramzan Seven days Sermon of Farooq Bukhari Kollam finished here on Wednesday, which began on 4th August. The program was held as part of Ma’din Annual Prayer Meet. Sermon is subjected to seven topic on seven renowned scholars in Hadiths, Imam Aboo Huraira (R), Imam Bukhari (R), Imam Muslim (R), Imam Thurmudhi (R Imam Nasaee (R ) and Prohet’s Love. Sayyid Ahammed Hussain Thirur Kad Thangal prayed for the session. P.K.M Saqafi Iringalloor inaugurated, Sayyid Zainul Abid Thangal Tirur presided the function.

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